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Trout Gulch Mutual Water Mission Statement:

Trout Gulch Mutual Water (TGW), a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, that is member owned and managed. TGW is dedicated to managing water, a precious resource, through production, storage, and distribution in the safest and most cost effective manner possible. Our Board of Directors shall assure good stewardship of company operations entrusted to them by its members and remain transparent with each and every action and activity undertaken. Decisions shall reflect integrity and fairness to all members served.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Website

TGW now has a new website, this site is the archive site Please click on link: www.troutgulchwater.org

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Meadow Ranch Well #3 Manganese Trend

FAQs for 9 year Manganese Waiver

Q: Why postpone treatment; won't that result in higher costs eventually?

A: Manganese (Mn) lab results show levels declining since the new well has been active. It seems likely levels will drop to a point where treatment may not be required in the future. Additionally, postponing will allow TGW to use its resources for critically needed upgrades to the infrastructure to assure reliable water service without interruption and for improved fire flow safety.

Q: What steps can a member take on their own if they prefer better water quality, short of asking TGW to invest up to $500,000 for system-wide treatment?

A: There are many vendors offering whole-home filters for improving water quality. Some filters available are able to address Mn levels at a cost of ~$800.

Q: Will my water softener reduce manganese levels of the water I use?

A: Water softeners address the "hardness" of water (high mineral content) and have little or no effect on Mn.

Q: How much will it cost each member if a waiver is declined?

A: Assuming the cost of a treatment plant is $500,000, and that TGW could borrow the money needed to construct the plant, the repayment would likely be in the range of $4000/month. Divide the payment by 185 members and the result would be ~$43.25 each billing, each member, for the next 20 years.

Q: Why is the Board of Directors recommending a vote to accept the treatment waiver?

A: Directors see the need for system improvements (replacing old, undersized, water mains and increasing storage capacity) as a higher priority than treatment of water that is vastly improved already over water distributed even two years ago.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Emergency Contact & Private Pressure Augmentation System Survey

Members of Trout Gulch Mutual Water; Updated Contact information is needed for all members. Additionally, some connections with low inlet pressure have privately owned pumps to boost water pressure. In an emergency TGW will attempt to contact affected members using information you provide.

Please click on the "Forms" tab above to access and complete the survey.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ron Duncan, Go Green: Is your dishwasher not doing its job?

Have you noticed in the past year or so that your dishwasher does not seem

to clean dishes as well as it did in the past? Have you seen an increase

in mineral deposits or a whitish film on glassware? Some folks have even

had issues with their dishwasher machine spray ports clogging or failing.

The reason might be due to a recent change in the formula for dishwasher


Starting last July 1, 16 states required manufacturers of dishwashing

detergents to significantly reduce the amount of phosphate in their

formulas. Although the phosphate ban applies only to 16 states California

is not one of those 16, most companies are reformulating their entire

detergent product lines to comply with the new laws. Much of Europe has

already banned phosphate in dishwashing detergents and Canada is not far


Phosphate Benefits and Issues

Phosphate has been a main ingredient in dishwashing detergents to help get

dishes clean and reduce spotting. With calcium-rich or "hard" water

prevalent in Santa Cruz County, phosphate was extra helpful because it

helps soften the water. Phosphates help hold the minerals, such as

calcium, in the water solution and do not allow them to be deposited on

the dishware.

However, this cheap but effective ingredient for a long time has been

known to have an environmental cost. Phosphate basically acts as a

nutrient for plant growth. When phosphate-rich septic or treated sewage

water enters a fresh water body, the plant growth can be significant and

the plants use up too much of the dissolved oxygen in the water -- leaving

an insufficient amount for fish and other aquatic life. This process is

known as "eutrophication." Have you ever driven by a lake or lagoon and

noticed that it is all green? That is eutrophication in action.


So what is a person to do if they are experiencing spotting, film residue

or reduced dishwasher performance? The first step is to find the detergent

that works best for you. In general, the packets and tablets have been

shown to perform better than the powder or liquid detergents.

An article from the Good Housekeeping website states the following brands

have customer approval: Seventh Generation Concentrated Packets, Method

Smarty Dish, and Sun & Earth Automatic Dishwasher Detergent. If you

can't find these at your favorite store, all three are available online.

The Appliance Service Center Inc. in Santa Cruz says Cascade Complete All

in 1 works very well. They also promote a product called Dishwasher Magic

which claims EPA approval that can be used a few times a year to help

periodically remove hard water build-up that accumulates over time in your

dishwasher. This should also improve washing performance.

Another solution is to install a water softener to reduce the hardness of

the water. This facilitates the action of the detergent. However, the

traditional water softener is tough on the environment.

There are several "green" water softeners on the market, but an evaluation

of which systems are effective has yet to be conducted. EPA WaterSense is

in the process of developing a certification process for "greener" water

softeners, but it will probably take at least a year before a list of

certified "green" water softeners is available.

Arlos Anderson, owner of Blue Lotus Water Technology, says he knows of one

"green" water softener called the nuvo H2O that is available now, works

well, and is cost-effective. Anderson has installed many of these systems

and says they precipitate out calcium as a very small particle. According

to Anderson, the systems are easy to install and require no drain or

electricity. Cartridges must be replaced annually. The nuvo H2O system

uses a citrus formulation no salt to prevent and remove existing hard

water build up.

Anderson said that with the passage of Assembly Bill 1366 -- legislation

that effectively bans salt using water softeners in portions of California

-- alternatives must be found.

Ron Duncan writes a monthly column for the Sentinel. He is a manager for

the Soquel Creek Water District, which offers free visits to homes and

businesses and suggests ways to save water.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Brief History of Trout Gulch Water

Please find the link to the Brief History of TGW below in the "Document Links" section of this website.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Consumer Confidence Report

  • Please find the TGW Consumer Confidence Report for year 2010 posted in the "Document Links" on the left side of this website.

A copy of this information is available on request.

Thank you.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Meter Installation Update

Phase 1 of the meter installation project has been completed. 63% of TGW customers now have meters.

TGW is in the planning stage of Phase 2.

Please note: meter rate change over will not occur until July 1, 2012.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

TGW Now Commencing Phase 1 of Meter Installation Project

TGW is now commencing on Phase 1 of the Meter Installation Project with Earthworks. Meter installations will begin on June 1st and be completed by June 10th. Your house will recieve a paper notice of water shut off if you are in the meter installation zone.

The areas affected are
1. Old Farm Ln.
2. Trout Gulch Rd.
3. Hayward Dr.

Please be Advised: Due to some address preconditions and difficulty of installations, some houses may get passed by and others may get reassigned in the Norman Neighborhood(Ross, Robideaux, Baker, Norman). A paper notice of water shut off will be placed on your residence when this occurs. Phase 1 has been identified as the "Easy" level of installation with the allocation of 27 meters in which TGW has in inventory.

We kindly ask for your patience and cooperation during the installations. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact TGW.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

UPDATED TIME... Election and Annual Members Meeting Announcement

To: All Trout Gulch Mutual Water Company Members

Re: Board of Director Elections and Annual Members Meeting

Date: May 22, 2011

The election of our next Board of Directors and Annual Members Meeting will be on Thursday June 9, 2011 from 4:30 to 5:30PM in the upstairs conference room at the Aptos/La Selva Fire Department, 6934 Soquel Drive next to MarVista School in Aptos. There are 3 Board of Director positions in this year’s election and the term of office will be two years. In addition to the election, the Annual Members meeting will have a short summary presentation covering work and finances in the past year as well as current status and challenges we face in the future.

The ballot and candidate statements are enclosed. There are two ways to have your vote counted after you have filled in, signed and dated your ballot. You may (1) drop your completed ballot off at the TGW mailbox at 90Victoria Lane at the entrance to Meadow Ranch no later than the 4:30PM meeting on June 9th, or (2) you may bring your completed ballot to the annual Members meeting on June 9th. We hope to see you at the meeting.

On behalf of the TGW Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your participation in the elections and our vital work to insure safe, efficient and economical water resources.

Norm Wyman, President

Trout Gulch Mutual Water Company


The Annual Members/Election Meeting


Thursday, June 9, 2011 from 4:30-5:30PM


Upstairs conference room at Aptos/La Selva Fire Dept. (6934 Soquel Drive in Aptos)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Manganese Reduction Trend

Click on the picture above for a larger image demonstrating the reduction of manganese in the TGW system since initiating the Meadow Ranch Well #3 in the Fall of 2009. This is excellent news regarding the quality of water in the system.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Board Election and Annual Meeting Announcement

The Board of Directors election and our Annual Members Meeting will be on Thursday June 9, 2011 from 5PM until 6:30PM in the upstairs conference room at the Aptos/La Selva Fire Station, 6934 Soquel Drive next to Mar Vista School in Aptos. There are 2 Board of Director positions in this year’s election and the term of office is 2 years. In addition to the election results, the Annual Members meeting will have a summary presentation covering work and finances in the past year as well as current status and future plans.

As we are a not-for-profit mutual water company, we want to encourage member participation in the candidate nominations as well as involvement in the Board’s work. If you are interested in being on the Board of Directors, we need a candidate statement submitted to the Trout Gulch Mutual Water Company (TGW) drop off mail box at 90 Victoria Lane at the entrance to Meadow Ranch no later than May 20, 2011. The candidate statement should be 250 words or less and talk about why you would like to be on the Board and what experience and skills you would bring as a Director.

We plan to mail the Board election ballot by May 25, 2011 and members will have the option of voting at the Annual Members Meeting on June 9th or by dropping their ballot off at the TGW drop off mail box above by June 9, 2011.

On behalf of the TGW Board of Directors, I want to thank you for your participation in the elections and our vital work to insure safe, efficient and economical water resources.

Norm Wyman, Board President

Trout Gulch Mutual Water Company

WHAT: The Election and Annual Members Meeting

WHEN: Thursday, June 9, 2010 from 5-6:30PM

WHERE: The upstairs conference room of the Aptos La Selva Fire Station

Located at 6934 Soquel Drive in Aptos

Water Rate Increase Update

Thanks to all who provided input by mail or at our two March Member Meetings on the water rate increase options recommended by our consultant, Dr. Brent Haddad. The member input was nearly unanimous in terms of preferring Option 2 which has the lower bimonthly rates of $210.35 for non-metered customers and $148.70 plus the two tiered charge (tier #1 of 0-6000 cubic feet @ $0.0127 per cubic foot and tier #2 of 6,001 + cubic feet at $0.0255 per cubic foot) for the water used by metered customers. The Board of Directors, in the April 17, 2011 Board Meeting adopted the Option 2 rate structure to become effective July 1, 2011. The Board also intends to move forward installing 90-100% of the meters by June 30, 2012. And, beginning July 1, 2012 all the metered flat rate customers will be converted to the metered rates at one time. Again, thank you for your input which confirmed the Board thinking and helped determine the rate increase decision.

Norm Wyman, Board President

Trout Gulch Mutual Water Company

Monday, April 25, 2011

TGW Financial Reserves (as of 4/12/11)



(As of April 12, 2011)

Required Loan Reserves for Santa Cruz County Bank

$ 23,107.30

($21,169.80 for six months of loan payments and $1,937.50 for line of credit)

Operations and Maintenance Reserve

$ 21,421.83

Emergency Reserve

$ 25,000.00

Emergency Reserve (SCC Credit Union)

$ 1,226.69

Total of all reserves

$ 70,755.82

To be transferred at end of year (6/30/2011) from General Budget

$ 17,280.00

Potential Total Reserves at end of Fiscal Year 2010/2011

$ 88,035.82