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Trout Gulch Mutual Water Mission Statement:

Trout Gulch Mutual Water (TGW), a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, that is member owned and managed. TGW is dedicated to managing water, a precious resource, through production, storage, and distribution in the safest and most cost effective manner possible. Our Board of Directors shall assure good stewardship of company operations entrusted to them by its members and remain transparent with each and every action and activity undertaken. Decisions shall reflect integrity and fairness to all members served.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Water Billing Rules and Regulations

Payment options: Bills are issued on a bimonthly basis, we are working toward an online payment option however at this point payments are to be made by check or cashier's check and sent by mail or left at our TGW drop box. Please include your account number on your check payment or include payment stub. A $25 fee is charged for all returned checks.

Meters are consistently read and bills are issued as nearly as possible to the meter read date. Bills are due on or before the due date. Please call our answering service before the bill is late to discuss payment options. Delinquent accounts will have a late payment charge of $10.00 added.

If for any reason you fail to receive a bill as scheduled, please notify the TGW answering service immediately. Charges continue in the name of the current customer until the office is notified of intent to discontinue service or change customer information.

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