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Trout Gulch Mutual Water Mission Statement:

Trout Gulch Mutual Water (TGW), a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, that is member owned and managed. TGW is dedicated to managing water, a precious resource, through production, storage, and distribution in the safest and most cost effective manner possible. Our Board of Directors shall assure good stewardship of company operations entrusted to them by its members and remain transparent with each and every action and activity undertaken. Decisions shall reflect integrity and fairness to all members served.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

FAQs for 9 year Manganese Waiver

Q: Why postpone treatment; won't that result in higher costs eventually?

A: Manganese (Mn) lab results show levels declining since the new well has been active. It seems likely levels will drop to a point where treatment may not be required in the future. Additionally, postponing will allow TGW to use its resources for critically needed upgrades to the infrastructure to assure reliable water service without interruption and for improved fire flow safety.

Q: What steps can a member take on their own if they prefer better water quality, short of asking TGW to invest up to $500,000 for system-wide treatment?

A: There are many vendors offering whole-home filters for improving water quality. Some filters available are able to address Mn levels at a cost of ~$800.

Q: Will my water softener reduce manganese levels of the water I use?

A: Water softeners address the "hardness" of water (high mineral content) and have little or no effect on Mn.

Q: How much will it cost each member if a waiver is declined?

A: Assuming the cost of a treatment plant is $500,000, and that TGW could borrow the money needed to construct the plant, the repayment would likely be in the range of $4000/month. Divide the payment by 185 members and the result would be ~$43.25 each billing, each member, for the next 20 years.

Q: Why is the Board of Directors recommending a vote to accept the treatment waiver?

A: Directors see the need for system improvements (replacing old, undersized, water mains and increasing storage capacity) as a higher priority than treatment of water that is vastly improved already over water distributed even two years ago.

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